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The tone of voice

In situations of stress, we usually feel our voice changing. Compare your voice in situations of stress and your voice on waking in the morning. Your voice on waking is generally more serious, relaxed, rested… slower. It approaches what should be your natural voice! The secret of a natural voice does not lie in the […]

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My first « real » black girl

February 23th 2016, I felt that everything was going to change, but nothing changed… a bit like during the night of December 22 to 23, 2012. To better understand what happened to me, I need to tell you everything. Friday morning, after I fucked Tinder’s bomba latina, a guy pissed me off on FB. “Thi […]

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Are you jealous ?

Jealousy can be summed up in negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, anger, shame and anxiety about an anticipated loss. There are several types of jealousy, but the form that interests us in this article is the one related to reproduction, which ensures the durability and stability of unions, but also protection and subsistence […]

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