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Women with abundant ejaculation

1. Definition « Squirting » or female ejaculation refers to the liberation of a woman’s fluid at the moment of her orgasm. This can range from a tiny bit of liquid to a great abundance. This fluid is different from cyprin (« wet ») but is not just piss (it is a secretion of Skene’s glands and very diluted […]

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I love having mistresses !

October 24th 2015, On Monday, I recovered my initial investment with Alison (+ interest). Tuesday, I performed a balancing act to score my second F-close of the week with an ardent Italian/Corsican girl. She has already sent me a text message to suggest that we meet again but I do not have time… Wednesday, I […]

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The prizing to seduce

The prize is the award in the sense of « the prize at the end of a competition ». In the community of seduction, prizing is a very criticized concept because it is misunderstood (like many things). However, your attention please: prizing is not a beginner exercise, but an advanced concept that must be used with caution […]

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