My books

Diary of a French PUA 3: a kind “The Game” by Neil Strauss but in French and more recent

Diary of a French PUA 1, 2 and 3 are a series of collections of adventures of pick-up, seduction and debauchery (libertinage). These ebooks can be read in terms of personal development and constitute formidable manuals. There are my best replicas of pick up, my ways of proceeding, my state… 

The basics of seduction

What most seduction coaches will never tell you… And how you can finally start making out with women you desire !!! If, at the moment, you feel frustrated because you’re not able to sleep with women you really like… then what I’m going to talk about should help you! But,… 

Collection of articles 2016

Below, you’ll find the collection of my articles in 2016. Some people prefer PDF  files than reading on the blog… As you want. The file : here. See you soon!