How to seduce during a date?

The date is a stage of seduction which consists of meeting up in a neutral place. Sure it’s better to know someone before taking him home, but hey, on the other hand, you are as likely to be attacked by someone you know than by someone who basically do not give a shit about you (statistics).

You can watch my video about how to get ready for a date here.



On your way to get to a date, try to think of something else to avoid stress. Once there, if you do not see the girl, call her. It is more suitable than texting in such moments!

When you say hello to her, put your hand on her shoulder, to make it a bit sensual. The gesture must be confident but not pressing or you take the risk of making yourself look like a weird guy. You can even try to guide her to go somewhere by putting your hand on her down back (not all the time but briefly).

I think it’s better to sit in front of each other than side by side: experience shows it works I better. Probably because it allows for a good eye contacts.

If there is a seat, be a gentleman and offer her to sit on. If you have a choice, you should prefer to be positioned against the wall. This will limit the her field at the rendezvous, and she will not be disturbed by by the comings and goings of other people behind you. It will help you to create “your bubble.”

Drink : order what you want. But even when I was still drinking alcohol, I did not get drunk during a date. In fact, this is not a good strategy to make her drink until she loses control nor to put some GHB in her drink.

If you make a date at home, ask if you need to bring something. If she comes, plan some wine or another thing like that to drink.


Getting along well

There are positions to be adopted to better succeed, I personally adopt a rather nonchalant body language but not slouching. Of course, do not stare at chicks’ ass all around you during a date.

Check the position of your friend and evaluate the signs of interest she gives. Make some mirroring sometimes if you remember. That is to say: create a subconscious connection by synchronizing your gestures asymmetrically.

Be the same than when you made her dream enough to accept the date. There is nothing worse than the loudmouth that become very shy when in front of a girl.

A date is not a job interview, do not prepare your discussion topics. This is not the time to cover her with compliments, that would make you lose value (needy mode).

It’s true that it’s better to avoid like plague some subjects, like : politics, religion or stances. Generally, I avoid too strong opinions, I do not make a speech in favour of a particular cause or at least I do not speak about it during the meeting, I wait to know her better, it avoids hitting her personal beliefs (and also that she hurts mine – it avoids headaches). About her ex? Sometimes it can be good to talk about him, one told me that he fucked her very badly and everything but it is generally recommended to avoid this subject sometimes too sensitive.

On the other hand, you must sexualize of course. It would be good to make a whole video about it and about how to avoid Friendzone (as well as body language)! Do not be afraid if she talks about sex, assume to get her comfortable with it. But do not talk only about sex either. The idea is just to put it in her mind, if she had not this idea already! You can tease her, about her nervousness due to having a date.

Making her talk about her is paramount. Although sometimes in the beginning you will have to launch her by making the most of the conversation. Knowing how to do that without giving her the impression of answering police questions is a major asset. Ask “and you? ” to turn her questions back to her is effective because chicks often ask about what they are interested in. Common interests are important for a girl.

If you talk to a girl you like about cinema, naturally propose to go watching a movie the next day, for example.

In any case, you must absolutely not let your hormones make you lose your mind and look like a douchebag. Each girl has her definition of a douchebag and her own criteria, that’s what’s hard! But hey, there’s universal things. For example, never say, “well, I’ll poop.”

Orient the conversation towards positive things, not too many factual, rather some emotional.

When you talk, make the distinction between bragging and marketing yourself. Telling your little piece of history or your stories without trying to brag, this is done subtly and not boastfully.

A little small talk, it’s also important to look normal. It’s sad but it’s like that… “But we do not care of what my father does for a living, will we fuck or not ?”

During the visit, it’s easy to make some kinos on her hands. That is to say, for example, asking to see more closely the ring or bracelet and taking this opportunity to fondle nonchalantly and sensually this sensitive area. It can even be a compliance test: will she play the game? How will she react? (For more informations, see my video about the cooperation test).


The end of the date

Should you pay the bill? Yes, why not, but tell her « you will pay next time. » Make it look like that’s not much. But if she insists, let her pay. Remember that in the savannah, the lioness goes hunting for the king of the jungle.

At the end of the date, propose to go home or try to kiss her (not in the bar but rather by leaving) even if you do not feel with this idea… 1% chance of success is better than 0 % and then… even if you never see her again after that, know that you would probably have not see her again anyway, so that’s something taken on life! And no regrets is my policy! And if she does not want, too bad for her! ;)

So it is better that the place of date allows her to come over fairly quickly, just so shet does not cool down on her way to seventh heaven.

You can use the excuse of showing her something you’ve talked about to take her home. Or assume and normally she will understand to what she is commited if she says yes. No smart girl would go alone in the room of a hetero-sexual guy if she wouldn’t want to fuck him.

If you did not fuck after the date, in this case, do not send the first message directly after the date. Wait she does first!


Some mistakes to avoid

Do not go on a date with a friend.

Do not join a girl who is with her friends.

Do not join her if she has something planned one hour later.

Do not wait if it is doing something before.

This is a very bad idea to wait, even if she looks very sure on the phone, very motivated and very excited to see you. If she is not completely available for you, it is better to postpone the date. This will prevent you from having date with the friends of the girl who will judge you, dates rushed because of a lack of time and it is not a good idea to wait because she has something planned before and desperately wait for her because she already has something planned, but does not know at what time it will end. Do not be a spare wheel on the condition that she has nothing better to do that day! Enjoy the time you have reached to see more available girls. Respect yourself !

If during the date, she says she has to leave because she has a headache. Or because one of her friends needs emergency assistance: it is an excuse, do not send texts to propose a second date after such an affront. Anyway, she will probably not answer. Time to go home, she will have already have deleted you on Facebook, Tinder and her repertoire! Women are usually not really honoest when they do not want to us (nor when they want us) it’s a shame but it can lead to humiliating misunderstandings! You have been warned!

If she is late, do not wait more than 20 minutes (unless she has a good excuse) and do not tolerate more than two bucks. Girls should respect you to desire you!

If an interested girl cancels a date, SHE must make a counter-proposal. You do not have to beg for the “privilege” of seeing her (it’s a bad frame). You can watch my video about frames too !

Do not spend 1 hour on the phone during a date while she is waiting for you. Do not answer the phone unless you have real emergency, it is not polite.

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