The oath of PUA

The oath of the Pick-up artist

Anxiety does not exist: enjoy the thrill of approaching!

Rejections do not exist: they are only invitations to improvement!

Excuses are not acceptable : one acts when has got alpha male balls!


No “I hope she likes me” only attempts and fuckcloses!

No shit-tests, cockblocks nor bitch shields: only opportunities to have fun and have sex!

No one-itis nor naivety: only hardening by experience!

No soft and premature dick : only hard guys who have read The awesome lover’s manual !


No more invitations to the restaurant or flowers, only creation of attraction, DHV and negs.

No more priority to unknowns just to get laid, prioritize your family and important people.

No more generalizations or “it doesn’t work”, only analysis and work.

No more fatality nor lamentations, only orgasms with sex bombs.

No more handjob or frustration, only threesomes with two chicks.


There is no street harassment, only class and respectful pickups!

There is no “I live with my parents”, only baisodromes!

There is no asshole or AFC, only radiant players!

There is no magic pill, only the theory and the field!

There is neither ego nor luck, only logical results of a personal development!

There is no problem, just the game!


Ignorance leads to fear…

Fear leads to frustration…

Frustration leads to a shitty life.


The game leads to value…

Value leads to seduction…

Seduction leads to sex…

Fuck leads to a great girlfriend.


Do not be a loser…

Do not passively accept your fate if the situation doesn’t suit you…

Be interested a bit in the seduction community…

Be a winner.

For a better world !

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